Congratulations to Grace and Ben for achieving their British Gymnastics Coaching Helpers Award.

We are delighted to announce that two of our young coaches, Amelia and Nyah, have completed their British Gymnastics Level 1 coaching qualification by passing their assessments. This process started in February and involved a virtual attendance on an Zoom type course, completing a number of set log book tasks and finally being filmed coaching a group of children. As we say below, this is a challenging process, not least because we have to film them in a large purpose-built gym which they are not used to. So special congratulations. We are proud of them.

In February, Grace and Ben, two of our Young Leaders, attended the new British Gymnastics Coaching Helpers course and both came away with achievement certificates. Congratulations to them both. They are now working with group lead coaches to help gymnasts learn their skills. Well done Grace and Ben!

In December 2021 we received the great news that Sarah Field and Emma Gregory, both mums to gymnasts at the club, had passed their British gymnastics Level 1 coaching qualification. Passing these qualification has been especially problematic in 2021 as courses were no longer face to face, and the coaches had to be filmed in action for their assessments. These videos are then sent to British Gymnastics to be evaluated by assessors. The results are given during an online discussion with the assessor.

We discovered that it is almost impossible to film the coaches delivering the required skills in our gym during a class, due to noise levels and access to apparatus. The only solution was to 'borrow' time in a friendly large club who operate in their own premises. This meant that both Sarah and Emma had to be filmed in an environment they were not familiar with, so a special well done!