The club was established in 1994 and we are proud to regard ourselves as a family club. The club is managed by husband & wife Andy & Sandy Piekarski. We have a team of 24 coaches, qualified at different levels, and 3 helpers all dedicated to giving each of our members a rewarding gymnastics experience.

  • Sandy Piekarska - Club Manager and L1 coach
  • Andy Piekarski - Head Coach, L3 coach, BG Coaching Tutor / Assessor / Internal Verifier
  • Adeline Hawkes - Lead coach, L2 coach and mentoring co-ordinator
  • Jamila Malik - L2 coach
  • Caroline Hope - L3 coach
  • Steph Caswell - L1 coach
  • Claire Faloona - L1 coach
  • Vikkie Elliott - L1 coach
  • Abi Elliott - L1 coach
  • Abbie Williams - L1 coach
  • Georgia Elliott - L1 coach
  • Oscar Spevack - L1 coach
  • Elloise Budd - L1 coach
  • Ellie Brooks - L1 coach
  • Natalie Kirchner - L1 coach
  • Louisa Kennedy - ASC coach*
  • Jasper Hawkes - ASC coach*
  • Yasmin Attree-Faloona - ASC coach*
  • Rachel Marsh - ASC coach*
  • Maisie Alderson-Foster - ASC coach*
  • Kim Sloan - under training
  • Sarah Field - under training
  • Matt King - under training

Other young helpers are under training for their first coaching course

Session helpers: Dave & Caroline Bexley, Ian Noble and Ingrid Budd

* ASC Coach stands for Award Scheme Coach. This is the coaching starter level in the British Gymnastics coaching structure. Coaches can progress from this to Level 1 and upwards.

All coaches hold the British Gymnastics coaching qualifications shown above and have an enhanced DBS certificate.

Our British Gymnastics trained and accredited Club Welfare Officer is Paula Thompson, who can be reached on 020 8390 4120.